Voting Instructions:

Dear Cooperators,

Please read the following instructions carefully and ensure strict compliance, as any unverifiable details entered will nullify and disenfranchised you:

1. Only 301 HAG cooperative members are eligible to vote.

2. Ensure your personal details such as svc number, rank, name and initial(s) are entered correctly. And for the civilian members, your required details are cooperative number and full names only.

3. Members are only allowed to vote once which implies one vote per member.

4. Any unverifiable details entered are automatically disqualified, hence ensure correct details are submitted.

5. After selecting your choice candidates in all elective positions, ensure to click Vote button to make your vote count.

6. A “back & next” buttons are provided, should you need to review your voted choices.

7. Time allotted to each voter is 10 minutes but voting may be accomplished in lesser time.

All the very best of luck to all candidates as you votes!